100% Natural Eucalyptus Incense Sticks – Pack of 4


  • Eucalyptus natural incense cones have a strong stress-relieving power, that helps in curing fatigue. It eliminates bad odour and creates a cheerful home fragrance. Eucalyptus is also commonly used for Meditation and Mosquito repelling
  • Charcoal-free incense sticks dipped in natural essential oils
  • Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home or the office
  • Box contains 25 Incense Sticks and a handmade wooden Incense holder. Each stick is 25.4 cm in length and comes with a long burning time
  • Organic Incense sticks are safe and healthy and one of the best stress relievers

Type: Incense Sticks
Fragrance: Eucalyptus
Number of Sticks per Box: 25 Units





Natural Garden Eucalyptus Finest Fragrances Agarbatti Incense Sticks | Prime Orgoveda 100% Natural | Eucalyptus Incense Sticks | Eucalyptus Agarbatti sticks | Bamboo Free | (Pack of 25 Sticks)

Burning incense has a major role in cultural and religious practices. It is also becoming increasingly popular among the Western countries as it gives an intact between atma and paramatma We make the eucalyptus incense sticks from the wood of the tree Eucalyptus globulus.1 Also we have attested an incense stick case with the benefits of eucalyptus essential oil by dipping the incense sticks on them. The incense stick pack has healing chemicals which have an amazing aroma, burning eucalyptus incense sticks has multiple benefits.

Are you feeling stressed or tense? Use eucalyptus incense for experiencing a natural relief with eucalyptus smudging. The fragrance is associated with lower levels of anxiety and stress which consists of a mild and pleasant scent to be one the best stress relievers. Purchase the incense holder stick in a pack which contains fifty sticks in total to experience an everlasting fragrance as it serves multiple benefits.

The eucalyptus incense stick will calm your mind as it releases molecules which act as an incense diffuser. Even in most of the spas, eucalyptus incense sticks are honoured for aromatherapy as it releases a relaxing odour filled with love creating a soothing atmosphere. The eucalyptus incense sticks are a stress busting impact giving a comfort and soothing atmosphere helping you to breathe easily. 

The significant benefit of eucalyptus’s relaxing aroma helps to lower systolic blood pressure. This can keep your body calm, especially if you’re feeling a discomfort worked up from stress and have joint pains. It also helps in lowering your blood pressure, which protects yourself against stroke, heart attack, and other forms of heart disease. Obviously, eucalyptus incense can’t solve the problem on its own.

The eucalyptus incense sticks have an ability to heal wounds which could be a surprising benefit of eucalyptus incense. It works by activating few of the olfactory receptors, which can impact other processes in the body stimulating the keratinocytes to make keratin. Keratin comprises the outermost layer of the skin. But the fragrance of the eucalyptus incense sticks can lower your blood pressure in a natural and ideal way.

The eucalyptus is a bit expensive sometimes for its woodsy, fragrant scent. Burning a eucalyptus incense will make your home smell with herbs, especially if you try getting rid of unpleasant odours. Mostly mosquitoes and bugs wont near you or your premises because the herbal fragrance does not permit them to enter your home.

Using the eucalyptus smudge stick is also safe and healthier when compared to the store-bought mosquito coils or air fresheners because the chemical products don’t deodorize the air except by adding harsh chemicals to the environment. Most of these can make hormonal changes and potentially cause cancer especially among young children and elderly people in and around the environment.

Avoid poor ventilation because incense smoke can become a dangerous fragrance if they are used indoors. Also, the daily exposure is linked to poor lung function. To protect your health, try to burn the incense in moderation. Encourage better ventilation by opening your windows or doors and turning on the fans. It is advisable to burn the incense stick in an airy, open spot to avoid direct inhalation.

Prime Orgoveda Multi Fragrance Organic Agarbatti brings home the feeling of peace and purity with its best quality of fragrances and soft eco-friendly ingredients. The Multi fragrance Incense sticks are helpful to you in many ways. that bring Success, Joy and Laughter into your home. Picked carefully from a bucket of Fragrances to make you feel Special. Try all fragrances of Agarbatti by Prime Orgoveda

Brand: prime orgoveda
Model Name: 100% Natural | Eucalyptus Incense Sticks Agarbatti | 25 sticks / Pack
Type: Incense Sticks
Fragrance: Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus fragrance incense sticks are made from the best quality ingredients and are aimed to create a cheerful atmosphere refreshing the interiors of your home.

  • Eucalyptus fragrance incense sticks have a natural fragrance made with the ayurvedic herbs to control the bugs and cure the fatigue.
  • The box contains 25 incense sticks with 25.4 cm length each and has a long burning time along with a incense stick box.
  • They are charcoal free sticks which have a strong flavour as it is dipped in the natural essential oils adding a lasting fragrance.
  • It removes the bad odour and brings home the divinity of a temple which can also be used for pooja or meditation by enhancing the immune system acting as herbal healers.
  • The stick incense burners are highly organic and healthy which can be considered as one of the best stress relievers.


  • Brand: Orgoveda
  • Material: Incense sticks
  • Scent: Eucalyptus 
  • Package Content: 4 
  • No. of Sticks: 25 in each pack
  • Stick Dimension: 25.4cm
  • Additive: Wooden incense holder
  • Country of origin: India


Eucalyptus, essential oil

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Pack of 4


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