100% Natural Black Spice Premium Dhoop Sticks(40 Sticks per Pack)


  • Black spice fragrance dhoop sticks have a rich fragrance made with the natural herbs to stimulate creativity and purify the environment.
  • Made of natural essential oils and perfumes to create an uplifting aura that will boost your confidence and makes you feel relaxed after a long tiring day. Whether you use them for a spiritual purpose or for making the atmosphere light these sticks are suitable for every purpose.
  • Mesmerizing & Soothing Aroma- Bring this pack of premium fragrances dhoop sticks and make your place a positive one, be it home or workplace.
  • Ideal for Gifting – These fragrance sticks make an ideal product for gifting purpose to your professional friends, family, and relatives.
  • The box contains 40 dhoop sticks with 10 cm length each and has a long burning time




Prime Orgoveda 100% Natural | Premium Black Spice Dhoop Sticks| 40 sticks/Pack

Prime Orgoveda Amber Fragrance Organic dhoop sticks brings home the feeling of peace and purity with its best quality of fragrances and soft eco-friendly ingredients. We make the amber incense sticks from the fossilized tree resin. Also we have attested the benefits of amber essential oil by dipping the dhoop sticks on them. The dhoop stick pack has healing chemicals which have an amazing aroma, burning amber dhoop batti has multiple benefits. Even in most of the spas, amber dhoop sticks are honoured for aromatherapy as it releases a relaxing odour. The significant benefit of amber’s relaxing aroma helps to give you a relaxed sleep. This can keep your body calm, especially if you’re feeling a discomfort worked up from stress. Burning amber dhoop batti will make your home smell pleasant, especially if you try getting rid of unpleasant odours. Mostly the insects won’t near you or your premises because the herbal fragrance is very strong and does not permit them to enter your home. It is advisable to burn the dhoop stick in an airy, open spot to avoid direct inhalation. Ingredients: Amber, essential oil

Brand: prime orgoveda
Model Name: Prime Orgoveda 100% Natural | Premium Black Spice Dhoop Sticks | 40 sticks/Pack
Type: Dhoop Sticks
Fragrance: Black Spice


Black spice fragrance dhoop sticks are manufactured with the best quality ingredients to create a soothing and rejuvenating ambience to encourage relaxation.

  • Black spice fragrance dhoop sticks have a rich fragrance made with the natural herbs to stimulate creativity and purify the environment.
  • The pack contains 40 incense sticks and has a long burning time which can be used for aesthetic, religious, and practical reasons.
  • The black spice incense sticks have a strong flavour as it is dipped in the specific scents or essential oils adding a rich and sweet fragrance.
  • It removes the bad odour and brings home the garden ambience filled with black spice promoting concentration, increase motivation and also can also be used for special occasions by enhancing the love and merriment with its contemporary attributes.
  • The stick incense burners are highly organic and has various benefits which can be suggested as one of the best stress relievers.

Advantages of using black spice incense sticks

Black spice is categorized under a class of timbers taken from ‘Piper nigrum’ plant. The timbers are ruddy brown and fine-grained which keep their scent for several years. Both the wood and the oil that has a particular scent can be valued for hundreds of years.

  1. Gives extreme relaxation: Light some black spice dhoop stick by huddling on the sofa with your favourite book, and chill-out by listening to the songs. You can also run a shower and replace candles with a black spice fragrance stick or 2 which helps you to keep a space away from the problems of everyday life. This is major reason of burning the black spice dhoop sticks.
  2. Minimize tension and anxiousness: Black spice dhoop sticks help you to minimize stress and motivates your mind with the purest and highest quality black spice fragrance obtained from the essential oils.
  3. Meditation: These dhoop sticks are widely used in numerous spiritual methods to broaden the focus, heighten senses, and also uplift one’s very own spirit. Burning the black spice sticks can take control of your stressful thoughts.
  4. Promote Imagination and offering: A balsamy and woody fragrance enhances your capacities, boost ideas, and improve mental health. Burning black spice dhoop sticks can uplift the scent of the black spice especially while working or studying to expand and enhance focus. The black spice fragrances have a subtler impact on both body and mind which also acts as a perfect partner for work, research, or participating in a pastime that requires in-depth emphasis.

5.Improves sleep quality: The stress-busting impact of the stick is a bit sedative which calms your worried mind and helps you take a quick nap after a long tiring day at workplace or at home. It helps you to set the mood and create a mind-blowing and palliative atmosphere.


  • Brand: Orgoveda
  • Material: Dhoop sticks
  • Scent: Black Spice
  • Package Content:1
  • No. of Sticks: 40 in box
  • Stick Dimension: 10cm
  • Additive: Ceramic incense holder
  • Country of origin: India


Sawdust, Joss Powder & Black Spice essential oil


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